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Greece tholwmenos
Kostas Sakellaridis
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Achievements Achievements
September 2016: Rank 1 Legend EU
Qualified for PGL Spring Tavern Tales 2016
Innovator of meta-breaking deck: Aggro Murloc Paladin
5x Qualified for Blizzard HCT Play-offs
12x Top 100 Legend EU
Languages Languages
Native language
Full professional proficiency
Professional Hearthstone Player playing for Panathinaikos AC eSports. Aggro Murloc Paladin innovator. One of the highest ranked players in Europe.
  • Game Hearthstone
  • Last activity 1 year ago
  • Gamecoach since 29/05 - 2017
  • Gamers coached 3
  • Hours coached 3
  • Gamers rating Not yet rated
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21st May 2019
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