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Serbia sa1na
Milos Sainovic
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Copenhagen Games 2015
Copenhagen Games 2014
LoL Pro League - Season II
On-Fest Bulgaria
Rank 1 in 5's Both on EUW and EUNE
Countless Go4lol Titles both montly and weekly
Countless Gfinity victories
Peaked at 850lp Challenger on EUW
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Full professional proficiency
  • Game League of Legends
  • Last activity 1 month ago
  • Gamecoach since 30/03 - 2017
  • Gamers coached 14
  • Hours coached 14
  • Gamers rating 5.0 / 5
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26th April 2019
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Twitch Stream sa1na Twitch stream
Adomas Chaleckas
1 year ago
Sickest, dankest, memest and usefulest hour of roasts in history of roasting for money. Solid 5/7
1 year ago
During our first 1 hr coaching session I learned more about the game than I ever thought was possible. Not to mention this one hour session went on well into the second hour. It wasn't just mechanic tips that impressed me but also general understanding of macro, objectives and decision making. During the game analysis part of the coaching I had so much fun but I also feel like I was able to understand all of my mistakes I was never aware of. It was very thorough and insightful. I definitely plan to continue with these sessions, and not only because I want to climb, but also because I am confident Sa1na advice will help me understand the game better, and enjoy it so much more in the end.
Lucy Senpai
1 year ago
I got a 1hr coaching and he even prolongued it a bit to give me extra tips. Such a good lad. He taught me a lot and I raised my farming, positioning and map awarness SIGNIFICANTLY right after the coaching. I still can't believe such knowledge of every lane by one person! 10/10 would recommened
Nick Delkis
1 year ago
Such a great stream, with a very informative and educational content, which reflexes also on his private coaching. Answering every question with clarity, he helped me a lot with bot lane issues and generally recommended what I should play according to my playstyle. Also pointed out mistakes and in which aspect of the game I should improve and how to do that.
1 year ago
Understands the level where he has to couch and what to focus on so we werent wasting any time. recommended me champs to play and practice turning a Teemo god into a usefull piece of coal in the bottom lane. i highly recommend this coach. Nice and friendly he is not aggresive at all and he makes it very clear what you should work on and what your mistakes are. 10/10 would play draven again.
1 year ago
Just finished the first session it was better than I expected :D He explained everything and suggested what I should do to improve my game play. Overall he is great and knows pretty much everything about the game. If you are want to improve in league this is the guy to ask ;) Thank you!

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