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I'v been coaching League Of Legends for approx 4 years on different pages and Shoutcasting the danish Pro scene - League Championship Denmark (LCD)

I'v been a support main the first few seasons and in season 5-7 i decided to try becoming a jungler and ended my 7th season as D3 with 57% winrate and in the current season (8) i'v decided to go back to supporting.

I'v been a part of the coaching experiment which Wickd made in season 7 aswell, to become better at understanding the value and playstyles/mechanics when it comes to playing top.

The positions for coaching is listed after my skills on each spot:
1. Support
2. Jungle
3. ADC
4. Mid
5. Top

Q: How will the lession be, if i sign up?
A: This is a typical question that i get, and it all depends on how the session makes most sense to you as a player and also where you wanna put your focus, im not using the same methods for every lesson, because everyone learns differently.

Q: What happens if the time runs out and we still miss some stuff?
A: It all depends on how much we are missing, but i will always make sure that you are leaving the lesson with a smile and are satisfied, in other words - if it takes another 15-30mins "overtime" to go over some questions or repeat some stuff, thats fine by me, unless i got another lesson or if im booked for something else.

Q: Can i add you, in case i got some questions after a lesson?
A: Yes, i got a smurf for this purpose, so that if you got a question for something specific, i'll try help you the best possible way.

If you have any questions or consider booking a lesson, feel free to contact me first on my Email:

All lessons will always have to be on and will not be done in a private conversation.

Best Regards
Daniel V. Ørum
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