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Denmark janos
Jonas Christensen
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Achievements Achievements
Rank #1 Legend
Finished #2 EU in September 2016
First to hit rank 1 EU season 22
1st in Hoej's Arena Tournament
Arena Tournament
Won League of Sharks Winter 2016
Danish Tournament
Won SK Gaming Medion Challenge
I won against all players from SK Gaming
Multiple Online Cup wins
Online Cups
Legend every season since s3
Languages Languages
Native language
Full professional proficiency
Most people know me as a good ladder player & deckbuilder. I usually make my own meta decks. Then if I get really good stats with a deck I've created on ladder, then I sometimes upload the deck to Hearthpwn. I also have my own channel on Twitch, where I usually play ladder or tournaments, where I explain the reasoning behind some of my plays. If you book me as your coach, then I can guarantee you, that you'll learn way more than just the simple explanations I give on my streams. - Janos
  • Game Hearthstone
  • Last activity 9 months ago
  • Gamecoach since 12/04 - 2017
  • Gamers coached 1
  • Hours coached 1
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21st May 2019
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1 hour
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Tanguy Chusseau
2 years ago
Booked a one hour session with NRJanos and since I met issues with my Discord he offered me to get the half hour I lost back later! It was a really good coaching session, he explains a lot the plays and the mulligan and listens to what you would do. I recommend him a lot, do not hesitate to choose him it's 100% worth :) Thanks again Janos!

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