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Denmark hazel
Nicolai Larsen
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Achievements Achievements
TCL 2017 spring split champion
Supermassive, 2017 spring split TCL
TCL 2017 spring split qualification
Supermassive TNG (sold to Fenerbahce Esport), spring 2017 qualifiers
LCS 2016 spring split
Origen, post semi finals at World's
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Full professional proficiency
Nicolai 'Hazel' Larsen combines a background in sports with an extensive career in E-sports to create unique and intensive E-sports training. Borrowing heavily from generally accepted sports doctrine, Hazel has worked with several professional players, building schedules, improving gameplay and general lifestyle improvements. Booking a session with Hazel will open up your climb, and you will walk away from the lesson having received coaching on par with professional League of Legends players.
  • Game League of Legends
  • Last activity 6 months ago
  • Gamecoach since 26/10 - 2017
  • Gamers coached 4
  • Hours coached 4
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26th April 2019
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Jeremiah H.
6 months ago
Hazel is pretty much my ideal coach. I had some troubles with scheduling, but he was patient and that patience resonates in his coaching style as well. Also, he really was easy to talk too like others have said. I was pretty nervous but that evaporated within minutes of the session starting. At the same time he is educational, I never thought I was just paying to hang out with someone, on the other hand I never thought I was paying to be lectured by a monotone college professor.
1 year ago
For one session, it was a really good experience and let me think about some things. Really easy to talk to and i am looking forward to at least one more lesson.
1 year ago
He is a talented coach, easy to talk to and he goes attacks your problems head-on, he helped me a lot! I give him the highest recommendations I can!

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