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United Kingdom georgec_hs
George Connolly
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#2 points earner in Europe for 2016
Only lost to world champion and runner up in the championship tours
Arguably the best freeze mage player ever
Over a dozen top 25 finishes on eu and na
Only european player to qualify for back to back seasonal championships
#1 legend during seasons over a dozen times
over 25000 play mode wins across EU, NA and Asia
Over 50000 total games played across EU, NA and Asia
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One of the best hearthstone players in the world. #2 points earner for the 2016 world championship year . Only lost to the world champion and runner up in my attempts to get to blizzcon .
  • Game Hearthstone
  • Last activity 2 months ago
  • Gamecoach since 17/05 - 2017
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19th August 2017
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