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Sweden draceus
Rasmus Waern
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1:st ASUS ROG 10th Anniversary
Paris, France
1:st Acer pro Challenge
1:st Overwatch Arena
1:st GameOn Overwatch
2:nd TakeTv Takeover
Krefeld, Germany
2:nd Amazon Gaming Series $10k
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  • Gamecoach since 27/04 - 2017
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17th June 2019
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2 years ago
Great coach - I went in expecting nothing and came out with some great tips, to improve my gameplay in the future.
Very understandable, and gives you relevant tips for everything you lack, and compliments you on what you are doing great.
Mateusz Pucilowski
2 years ago
Pretty great and organised overall, gave me some nice tips and advices based on my gameplay, helped me polish my Zenyatta skills significantly and got me started on Tracer and Genji. 10/10 great experience

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