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Denmark Capri
Kristian Ricken
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Let me teach you the tools YOU need to improve.
(Bookings must be made at least 6 hours in advance)
My coaching style is focused on team work, communication and self-evaluating.
Played CS since 2000, with an appearance at the WCG in 2003, since then i have played BF1942 at a high level, and WoW in a progression guild.
Took a break from competitive gaming between 2008-2012 and has since then been on the coaching side of eSport.
My day job is teaching eSport’s full time for the age of 14-16.
Besides that, I work as a freelance coach, teacher and do public speaking about the pros and cons of eSport’s, and how to improve more effectively.
I do a lot of community work where ever I can, because I believe that gaming belongs in the general society and as part of a whole.
  • Game CS: Global Offensive
  • Last activity 8 months ago
  • Gamecoach since 10/07 - 2017
  • Gamers coached 3
  • Hours coached 5
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26th April 2019
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