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Avery Lofton
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Every person coached, raised at minimum three Divisions if not a full Tier.
Nearly 5 years of coaching experience
Played with popular streamers/LCS players and learned a lot on how they carry their games.
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Hello, my name is Avery Lofton, I've been playing league of legends since season 3, and I've been coaching since season 5. I've peaked Diamond III, working towards Masters. I understands the flow of the game, as well as every role and how it's suppose to be played to rise in ranks. I believe Meta doesn't matter and I'm here to help you understand the game, not tell you what champion is overpowered or best at the current time.

My goal for you is to get better at league, understand it how i understand it, know how it feels to be the one to win the game by yourself, even with your team working against you. It's the best feeling in the world to help four other players achieve something they could not without you and keep a positive mindset while doing it.

I genuinely teach people because I want them to climb, even IF they did pay for it, which why I think I produce such good results, and I've done way more free coaching than paid. So I've coached, made guides for players, made tip videos for players, addressed how to handle certain lanes, etc. I'm an out-going guy, so you don't have to worry about a socially awkward time, even if you have no mic I can still work with you. Just give it a try! You wont be disappointed.

After my coaching sessions I never leave you dead in the water, I want to be seen more as a friend then just a coach. I want to be here for you to ask questions, and give advice. I'll give you more details on this after the session! Talk to you soon, can't wait to hear from you!

For any questions or concerns, contact me through my discord Avery Lofton#8283. Thank You!
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