GameCoach - Esport

It was a Friday afternoon, Kasper, Christian and Rasmus sat intoxicated, surrounded by despair and disbelieve caused by their lack skills and a beyond negative win/loss ratio. They decided to start a journey that would seem to be near impossible. They searched the deep dark web, far and wide for knowledge and wisdom, but with no luck. The three boys were dumbfounded, confused and willing to give it all up. An idea struck them as lightning towards an antenna, “Why not create a place, where those who seeks improvement, could gather and fulfill their quest towards greatness”. The lads went at it. It all started as a simple project, but the ideas grew bigger, and days became months. Rumors has it, that they are now in control over such a place, where lost souls will flock to achieve what they could not, a beyond positive win ratio.


GameCoach - Vision

A long time ago, we packed our bags and began our journey. When we acknowledged that what we needed to improve was nowhere to be found, we decided to put the burden on our shoulders, and give something back to the community, which have given us so much over the years. Our goal is, and will always be quality before quantity. We strive to create a platform where gamers from all over the world will visit, insured that it will make them improve. One should seek improvement not perfection. We hope that now and in the years to come, that when people think and speak of our platform, that it will be with trust, and this is what we will sacrifice everything to achieve.



Team GameCoach


Christian: Not only is Chris one of the co. founders, he has a long history in the gaming community which started in his earlier years on youtube and Christian manages most of the GameCoach administrative side of the business as well as marketing. Christian is a student of business management, which shows when talking marketing and strategies.


Rasmus: A few months after GameCoach was being idealized, Rasmus became the third member of the team. If anyone were to be a workaholic, it surely is him. Rasmus has a lot of leader experience and has an eye for design.

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